FREE Microsoft Points: FACT or FICTION?


You might be wondering “Why is Microsoft points that hard to find and really expensive?”. Well the reason for that is Microsoft points is like money, it is an online currency which will help you buy anything you want from an online store on Xbox such as Xbox Music, the Windows Live Gallery, and the Xbox Live Marketplace, Windows Marketplace. These points are used to buy online products that microsoft usually produce to entertain you. The points may also be use to purchase themes, material for game expansion, Gamertag pictures, games, titles for original Xboxes as well as other content that is downloadable and anything that will enhance you gaming entertainment. But the problem is it’s not free
and quite hard to get.

Lately Xbox gamers often search articles and answers to their question: “How can I acquire free microsoft points?” in the internet, especially those who can’t afford spending big amounts of cash just to buy some. So, how do you acquire free microsoft points?. Well there are a lot of ways and method is to acquire it for free but it takes a lot of time, patience and also trust especially if you have some doubts to the one who’s giving you the free points.


Commonly Used Methods:

  • The first method is by going to various types of websites that requires you to do a task and in return give you the things you want but the amount depends on how many task you have accomplished. It’s kinda like “give and take”, you give them what they want and you take your reward. An example of this is the website called points2shop. Although there were some issues and debate regarding the point system of the site. Some says that it only works for a short amount of time and then it starts to band your account for no good reason.
  • The second method is by simply answering some survey. Just like the first method, some sites have some issues concerning how they do their points system and some websites are scam or fake. Not a method I can actually trust myself.
  • The Third method might be quite hard to find and your trust and patience may also be put to test. because you would actually have to find a legit website where you could download a free microsoft points generator. Easy as it may sound but it is quite hard to find and really irritating because most of the sites are fake and scams. So that means that you have to do some searching and digging on the internet to actually find the real thing.

Nevertheless, we are also developing a new and more legitimate method which will likely benefit you. Not only that but we are also improving the safety and and the amount of work and stress the owner have to exert in order to acquire his/her free microsoft points. Since we won’t require you to provide any personal information or account credentials, you can safely say that our method is risk free and 100% guaranteed.

So if you are so far as interested, Try out beta test and see for yourself.

The TRUTH about XBOXOne?



Despite the latest release of the new XboxOne by Microsoft which would revolutionize the way we perceive reality, one problem still stands-out more than anything else and that is the lack of consumer satisfaction. More often than not, Xbox users find themselves enslave by their own financial limitations. Thus, making them unable to enjoy their money’s worth of gaming experiences. Yes! XboxOne has a lot of features that would make it more sophisticated than it’s rival PS4, but looking at it on a different aspect, XboxOne does not allow game titles sharing, offline gaming, and you can only play games that are compatible with the console itself, not to mention it cost 100$ more than it’s rival PS4. Well, picking the best console is still up to your own standards, but looking at them with an open minds would surely help you make the right decision without hurting you in return.